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About Us

Zvimba Law Chambers is located in Harare, Zimbabwe. It is a law firm which offers a wide range of legal services. Zvimba Legal Practitioners was duly registered in April 2015. The firm has grown by the infusion of well qualified and experienced staff in order to satisfy its clients. In fact, the law firm recruits the best students from law school as its Associates.

With a team of dedicated lawyers and experienced support staff, your legal needs will be dealt with efficiently and effectively. As a multi-practice firm, we are able to provide legal advice to clients in diverse sectors. Our clients are our priority and we strive to serve our clients with the highest standards of legal service. We ensure that the highest standard of legal service is provided to our clients. Our advice is guided by legal principles and thorough research.

Our Vision

To be the law firm of choice in Zimbabwe and beyond our borders. To earn our clients’ confidence and trust through responsive and reliable service. To offer diversified world class service both at individual and corporate levels.

Our Mission

To deliver good quality and innovative solutions to our clients’ specific and diverse needs.
Communicating accurately and openly and placing a high premium on prompt, accurate and effective responses to all client queries.
To provide high quality professional legal services to our clients in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Core Values


Associations & Memberships

We pride in having a driven, dedicated and passionate team that delivers


LLB Hons UZ (2009)

Having graduated from the University of Zimbabwe in 2009, Rumbidzai has been registered as Legal Practitioner and practising law for twelve (12)years. She is also a registered Conveyancer and Notary Public. She has a special interest in corporate law, labour law, customs law, lmmigration law, civil litigation and criminal law. Rumbidzai acquired litigation skills, commercial agreements drafting skills and also skills on drafting conveyancing documents at one of the leading law firms in the country where she worked as an Associate.

Rumbidzai is an ardent reader of commercial law, labour law,customs and lmmigration law who seeks to achieve client’s desired results using innovative



 LLB Hons MSU (2016)

Tinashe joined the firm in April 2017 having
graduated from the Midlands State University in 2016. Tinashe is passionate and mainly inclined to Labour Law, Mining Law and Commercial Law as a whole. He also retains a profound interest in Civil and Criminal Litigation. He is a registered Legal
Practitioner, Notary Public and Conveyancer. He has worked before as a regional court
prosecutor at Gweru. He also harbours interests in legal and social research skills, a skill and interest that has since been deeply ingrained. He also published a number of academic papers online. Presently, Tinashe has a general practice focused on all aspects of Law, notably, advice, research and litigation.


LLB Hons UZ (2020)

Ishe is a registered Legal Practitioner and Conveyancer. He is a Professional Assistant at Zvimba Law. He acquired litigation skills through participation in a number of Moot Court Competitions at National and Regional levels. He was part of the winning team of the International Committee of the Red Cross’s 2018 edition of International Humanitarian Law Moot in Zimbabwe. His team became the first runners up on the regional competitions in Arusha, Tanzania that same year. Isheanotida is passionate about International
Law, Environmental Law and Customs and Immigration Law. He has special interest in  Civil Litigation.