We are experts in a lot of legal areas

We help people in solving legal issues

We are a law firm that seeks to offer real solutions to legal issues. Our areas of practice include:

Corporate and Commercial Law

We support our clients in handling their important commercial contracts and projects. We offer in-depth experience across a range of sectors; to both Individuals and Corporate handling all transactional and advisory work

Litigation and Alternative Dispute Resolution

We service all areas of civil dispute resolution that our corporate or private clients may need assistance with. We regularly appear in local courts as well as in arbitration tribunals. We represent clients in diverse litigation in both civil and criminal matters in all specialized areas of the law including but not limited to commercial law, corporate law, tax law, banking, insurance, intellectual property, regulatory law, labour relations and employment. We are committed to identifying and pursuing the most effective means possible of avoiding or resolving disputes.

Estate Planning and Adminstration of Estates

Our law firm is in a position to handle succession issues and can help you navigate court processes, payment of the deceased person's debts, distribution of property according to the will or estate plan, and litigation

Property Law, Conveyancing and Notarial Practice

This ranges from drafting and structuring sale agreements, advising on the tax implications, drafting the necessary documentation for registration of the transfer and attending to the same at the Registrar of Deeds

Employment Law

ZVIMBA LAW CHAMBERS offers comprehensive, effective, progressive and innovative advice to both individuals and Corporates on all aspects of employment law in Zimbabwe

Family Law

We provide mediation and litigation services in family law including handling issues of maintenance, custody and guardianship of minor children, access to minor children, divorce and division of matrimonial assets

Debt Collection and Foreclosures

We also specialise in high volume debt collection. A genuine understanding of our clients’ needs, values and priorities empowers us to deliver, efficient, tailor-made debt collection services at competitive rates.

Customs, Exercise and Immigration Law

We also handle Customs and Excise Law and Immigration Law cases. These are matters related to import of goods into the country and laws put in place to regulate who is allowed in addition to how long they can stay in the country.

Business Matters

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Confidentiality and
Conflict of Interest

We will deal with each matter in the strictest of confidence. Any conflict of interest arising shall be declared and we will not handle a case that has a conflict of interest with any of our clients. All information and documents shall be confidential and for exclusive use of the terms and conditions of engagement, and shall not be disclosed to any organisation or individual

Legal Fees

Our fees are based on the Law Society tariff. Our fees are determined on the basis of hourly rates that reflect complexity and time demand of a specific project, as well as seniority of lawyers’ involved. We remain flexible in some circumstances, depending on the nature of assignment, the complexity of the matter and business relationship that we have with our clients. The firm also accepts instructions from clients on a retainer basis. In this case, the firm agrees to execute client’s instructions on an annual basis in consideration of a fixed/flat agreed fee but it excludes litigation matters. Such fees are negotiable. Usually the firm will require a reasonable deposit to be made by the client at the commencement of the assignment to enable the firm to meet various disbursements in executing the assignment.


Our office are conveniently located in the Central Business District of Harare, Zimbabwe. We are also available online - email, website and facebook page.